Fred J. Lucero

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I miss you very much. time has flown by but it feels like just today that I lost you. Rest in peace my dear. You are forever loved and missed.

Posted by: Mrr Lucero - Denver, CO - spouse   Aug 20, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS LOVIE, know how you loved these Holidays. I miss you more n more, I don't think it'll EVER get easier. Things are definitely different sadly to say, but your memory is always within me.
I LOVE YOU with my every breath!!

Posted by: Deborah - CO   Dec 25, 2012

I miss you and this empty space n sadness doesn't seems to go away. I love you and miss you with all my heart
Peace n Love Always

Posted by: Deborah    Nov 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Lovie.
Went to sit with you today only to hear you whistling Happy Birthday over n over again. It brought me to tears. My heart is heavy, but my mind is soaring with all the beautiful and fun memories. I miss you, we all miss you. I wish I can hug you so tightly today. I love you beyond words.

Posted by: Deborah - CO   Nov 07, 2012

Happy Birthday, my love! I know your in heaven and b-days no longer exist for you but they do do me. Remembering on these special days is important to me because your still deeply in my heart. I miss you everyday! We would have been together gambling today and you would have won. I love you, Dad.

Posted by: Lydia - Denver, CO - spouse   Nov 06, 2012

My Lovie,
In a couple of days it will be the 2nd birthday of yours that you will not be here with us, my heart breaks as the day approaches and the holidays you loved so much are soon to follow. I know how much you loved this time of year and it would always bring tears to your eyes, it was all so touching to see how your cup runith over, and now it's my turn for the tears

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Posted by: Deborah - CO   Nov 04, 2012

Dad, It has been one year, one month and 6 days since you have been away and LOVE, I miss you so very much!! So many questions/problems have come up and I hope I have answered them correctly. I know you would have answered with no problem. I still wait for our morning coffee and our eveling meal together and hope you will be there. I feel that I am still in a bad dream and can not wake up.

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Posted by: Lydia Lucero - Denver, CO - spouse   Sep 18, 2012

Just thinking about you. I know you wouldnt want me to cry, but just gets me. I was remembering two of your lil' sayings... "You never TELL a parent anything.. you may SUGGEST" hehe and of course when I would yell at mari, you'd tell me "If you tell one, you tell them all." Gosh how i miss you. Just wanted to share the giggle I had when I thought of you today.. I LOVE YOU GRANDPO!

Posted by: Mariah - Denver, CO - Grandaughter   Jul 02, 2012

Grampo...I know u probably think I forgot about is taking a lot for me to write u this...i cant seem to let u go...i cant face the fact that u r not just waiting for u to call me n to make sure my lil Apodacas r being good...or to ask if the kids could come out to play or askin me if I am happy...there r so many things I wish I couldve said n done...And no

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Posted by: Alexis Lucero - Grand Daughter   Jan 28, 2012

My Sweet Grandpo, where did our time go? The thought of it brings me to tears, because we won't get those years back, and yet we have the memories we did make forever! Can't thank God enough for that..ever. You were &still are such a precious &shiny gem in a special one-of-kind setting in my heart never to leave me. I love that I can close my eyes &see you, close my ears
&hear you.. and be still o still

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Posted by: Mariah - CO   Jan 18, 2012