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So much has changed Tati, so much has changed. Four years and everything is so different. I miss you everyday and I love you even after forever ends. I'm so glad you don't have to experience the bad parts of life. I'm so glad you're happy in Heaven. I just wish I could talk to you and see your face. I miss your company, I miss everything about you. Everything is so different and I know it's for the better

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Posted by: Jordan Sawka - Allen Park, MI - Sister   Aug 01, 2016

It has been three years since i have seen you. i miss you truly and i hope you're worry free in Heaven, actually, i know you are.

Posted by: Jordan Sawka - Dearborn, MI - Little Sister   Apr 16, 2015

I guess ill post here every year...Anyways, Tati i love you so much. Its sad that I'm 14 now but you never made it. You where taken away cause God wanted you back. For some reason he didn't want you to turn 14. A reason we will never know. I do know it was for a good reason though the pain is terrible. i don't but i do understand his reasons for taking you. I wouldn't call it stealing neither.

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Posted by: Jordan Sawka - Little Sister   Jul 26, 2014

Hey Tati. You know you are truly missed and I still think about you often even almost after two years. I go and visit you in the cemetery sometimes when I miss you most since you are only a few blocks away. But you were a great friend to many people, especially me. We had each other's back on a lot of things. Sometimes I feel like you're with me when I think about you. Like this one time I

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Posted by: Mikael Everly - Dearborn, MI - Friend   Feb 13, 2014

its been 1 yer since you've left us all. im sure you know that everyone of your family members thinks about you all the time. We all miss you and wherever you are i hope your having a good,fun time. I Love You, We all do. goodbye.

Posted by: Jordan - MI - little sister   Nov 08, 2013

Tati. We were never really that close, but we talked a lot in 7th grade, before you moved. I remember when we had gym together, and had our crazy nicknames that made no sense at all but for some reason it was so funny. You were such a care free person, who was always smiling. You are so beautiful, and I, nor will anyone else forget you. You had such a positive impact on so many people! Your in my thoughts daily. Rest In Paradise. <3>

Posted by: Hannah Schotthoefer - Allen Park, MI - friend   Mar 29, 2013

tatyana and i were bestfriends threw thick and thin and i have know here since the 2nd grade. i was her turtle and she was my froggie, we never left eachothers side. we did the most craisest stuff toghether and had some wild memories. i had her back she had mine we would help eachother out anytime to see hurt and to see her cry made me hurt. when i was upset the one thing she always said was "

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Posted by: katelyn williams - brownstown, MI - bestfriend   Dec 18, 2012

Like I said before the story is wrong and you need justice Tati but I wanted to share a few memories short and long

I remember when we left the house and went to the creek we hoped over fences ran through people's backyards and it was really fun mom was worried sick when we got back and you guys got mad at me when I told what we did

I remember when you used to be scared of that BabyDoll

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Posted by: Jordan Sawka - Brownstown, MI - Little Sister   Dec 04, 2012

I miss you day by day, and night by night. Even though it's close to a year after, I miss you lot's. Me and you were close, and grew closer each day. I remember when we met, and the Woodhaven Homecoming Game. I'll never forget that day, nor will I ever forget you. R.I.P Love You Tati

Posted by: Noah George - Woodhaven, MI - Close Friends   Nov 29, 2012

Tatyana i know what they said about you on the news is wrong and i wish i wasnt in my room and i couldve stopped you but apparently you were ment to go cause if ou werent i would of stopped you i know you werent playing in the road at night there is something wrong with that story i know it but i wanna say i love you more than anything in the world you were the best sister

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Posted by: Jordan Sawka - Brownstown, MI - Little Sister   Jul 24, 2012