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I really wish you were here!! I miss you so bad!!!! I love you BIG!!!

Posted by: Michelle    Jan 23, 2014

I miss you so much momma! Here we are around the Holiday's again, and I don't get to be with you.
My heart still aches for you. Sometimes I wish God would just call me home. Life is so hard without you. But, I am still here for a reason, maybe for my children and grandchildren and Amy! You were my rock!!!
I love you BIG!!

Posted by: Michelle - TX - DAUGHTER   Nov 14, 2013


Posted by: Michelle    Sep 19, 2013

I miss you momma

Posted by: Michelle    May 30, 2013

I miss you momma!!! I would give anything to see you again.
I love you BIG!

Posted by: Michelle - Alvarado, TX - Daughter   Mar 14, 2013

oh momma, your first born grandson's 21st Birthday is today!! I can't believe how time has flown. I will never forget you going to the hospital with me for the fetal monitoring test I had to have done and you said "well, you may as well have him while we are here" lol yup you jinxed it they induced me because of his heart beat slowing down. and that day, as you wished our little 5lbs 15 1/2 oz baby

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Posted by: Michelle    Feb 21, 2013

It looks like you will be off this page soon! What am I going to do? I feel this is my only connection to you. I miss you so bad... I cry all the time as I am sure you know. I wished I could feel you around me. People say loved ones are always around, but I just don't feel you and that breaks my heart. I need to know you are around. I love you so much!!! Please tell dad I miss him too. Love you BIG momma

Posted by: Michelle - Daughter   Jan 08, 2013

Oh momma... Christmas was so hard without you. The Sunday before I stayed in bed all day mourning you. I wished you were still here. I still need you. I feel like I didn't have enough time with you. I still cry over you. You were my best friend. Will this feeling ever end? I miss you so much and I love you BIG!

Posted by: Michelle - Alvarado, TX - Daughter   Dec 27, 2012

Hi Momma,
I just want to say it sucks not having you around. I hated not having you around on Thanksgiving, but Christmas without you will be the worse. I miss you so much and I cry a lot for you, I am sure you know I do. My life will never be the same. You took my heart with you to Heaven. I still am lost without you. I don't know if I will ever get through this. I miss you momma and I love you BIG!!!

Posted by: Michelle - Alvarado, TX - Daughter   Dec 13, 2012

Well momma... I think you pulled some strings up there!! You always told me you swore I had another sister and that you seen her one time and she look just like me.. well on Friday, a lady by the name of Barbara contacted me regarding her daughter Tori, she met dad once and she knew about Amy and I. I have had a bitter sweet year...first the grand baby situation and dads passing and your passing and now, Amy

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Posted by: Michelle - Alvarado, TX - Daughter   Nov 05, 2012