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Momma, It is not getting any better here on earth, without you. I need you every single day. I miss you so bad. I have so many things I need to talk about and have no one else.... I need you. I wish we could talk.
I love you BIG!

Posted by: MICHELLE MONROE - ALVARADO, TX - Daughter   Sep 15, 2016

It has been a while since I have wrote to you. I miss you every single day, and with every breath. I love you BIG!

Posted by: Michelle - Alvarado, TX - Daughter   Mar 02, 2016

I miss you more than words can say. So much has happened and I wish you were here. I love you BIG!

Posted by: michelle monroe - alvarado, TX - daughter   Sep 28, 2015

I sure miss you momma!
I talk to Amy every Saturday, she asks about you ,always!
She will say where is my mommy at? I say where is she? She says "I know, I know, she is in heaven! She never stops asking, and I'll never let her forget to!
Jeff on the other hand, still really can't find a minute on a regular basis to contact any of us... 9 times out of ten... I am initiating contact. Guess they'll never

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Posted by: Michelle - alvarado, TX - daughter   Aug 21, 2014

I really wish you were here!! I miss you so bad!!!! I love you BIG!!!

Posted by: Michelle    Jan 23, 2014

I miss you so much momma! Here we are around the Holiday's again, and I don't get to be with you.
My heart still aches for you. Sometimes I wish God would just call me home. Life is so hard without you. But, I am still here for a reason, maybe for my children and grandchildren and Amy! You were my rock!!!
I love you BIG!!

Posted by: Michelle - TX - DAUGHTER   Nov 14, 2013


Posted by: Michelle    Sep 19, 2013

I miss you momma

Posted by: Michelle    May 30, 2013

I miss you momma!!! I would give anything to see you again.
I love you BIG!

Posted by: Michelle - Alvarado, TX - Daughter   Mar 14, 2013

oh momma, your first born grandson's 21st Birthday is today!! I can't believe how time has flown. I will never forget you going to the hospital with me for the fetal monitoring test I had to have done and you said "well, you may as well have him while we are here" lol yup you jinxed it they induced me because of his heart beat slowing down. and that day, as you wished our little 5lbs 15 1/2 oz baby

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Posted by: Michelle    Feb 21, 2013