Shane Bahm

  • Born: November 1, 1985
  • Died: December 3, 2012
  • Location: West Fargo, North Dakota

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Shane Allan Bahm, 27, West Fargo, ND died Monday, December 3, 2012 in Essentia Health, Fargo.

Shane was born November 1, 1985 in Bismarck, ND to Allan and Joan (Hertz) Bahm. He was raised on a farm near Carson, ND and graduated from Carson High School. He attended Moorhead State University, Moorhead, MN, where he played football and worked toward a business degree. He married Ann Sirek July 11, 2009 at Cottage Grove, MN. They made their home in the Fargo area. He was employed by Prairie supply of Fargo.

Shane was a very outgoing person who loved people and sports, especially the Atlanta Falcons. He was a softball pitcher, and was a very knowledgeable movie buff. He had a special ability to cheer people up just by entering the room. Shane loved his two little dogs, Rocky & Kano, that he called "my boys".

He is survived by his wife, Ann; parents, Allan and Joan Bahm, Flasher, ND; three sisters, Ashley (Benjamin) Bercier, Bismarck, ND, Tasheena (Josh) Meyer, Flasher, ND, Courtney Bahm, Mandan, ND; one nephew, Jace, and two nieces, Brinley and Harper; grandparents, Arlene Bahm, Shields, ND, Virgil and Patsy Hertz, Carson, ND; father-in-law, Richard (Christina) Sirek, Cottage Grove, MN; mother-in-law, Mary Hodgin, St. Paul, MN; two sisters-in-law, Sara (Brent) Nelson, River Falls, WI, Casandra Sirek, Cottage grove, MN; brother-in-law, Jacob Sirek, Cottage Grove, MN; many aunts, uncles and cousins, including a very close and special cousin, Brady Laub, Fargo.

Visitation: Thursday, December 6, 2012 from 5 to 8 in West Funeral Home Chapel, West Fargo, ND.

Rosary/Vigil Service: Friday, December 7, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. CST (6:30 p.m. MST) in the Bismarck Funeral Home, 3723 Lockport Street, Bismarck, ND.

Funeral Mass: Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. MST in St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Carson, ND.

Burial: Carson Community Cemetery, Carson, ND
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Condolence & Memory Journal

Hello, I'm Shane's sister Courtney. First off I'd like to thank everyone for your Comments, and stories! This is my first time viewing this page. It warms my heart to see how many people's lives Shane touched. He truely was a wonderful man and was loved by so many. I was not able to get up and speak at Shane's wake not only because it was just to hard of a task at the time but also because i would have kept everyone there all night with as many stories as i have. Heres a few

# As many of you know Shane was quite the nintendo freak! As soon as i grew out of the " unplugged remote" stage and was able to play, Shane and I were OO7 Buddies on the N64! Of course he was much better than I was as in i could have all the weapons in the game and he could still slap me to death. SO he allowed us to be a team so i had a fighting chance.

# Shane was the one to teach me how to swim. His technique you might ask? sink or swim! There isn't much to this story, basically i wanted to get rid of the floaties and swim like a big kid and he was going to teach me. He thoroughly explained the game plan " OK Court im gonna push you into the deep end and if you need help you just wave your arms ok? i'll be right here!" Well i made it! i was rid of the floaties from then on!

#When i was still pretty little i had the flu really bad so mom was going to take me to up to the clinic. I was so sick and miserable during that car ride so Shane sacrificed his Gameboy. He leaned over and handed me the gameboy " here Court you can play mario to get your mind off having to throw up" Needless to say, it made things worse but what a good brother huh?

# One Sunday during church Shane was singing along to the music. Shane never sang in church so i know he was doing it to make me laugh because of the rediculous voice he was singing in... Not being able to help it I giggled all through out church. I was getting the stink eye and it was his fault. Papa leaned forward and said "shame on you", mom looked over and gave me "the look", Even the priest during communion said "Body of Christ...why are you being so naughty?" I caught an earfull afterwords but Shane thought it was all pretty funny.

# Shane took me to my first party. 5 beers later i was done for so we went home. As i was trying to sneak into the house to avoid getting into trouble i stumbled on in running into the basement door and slammed it shut which we both knew had to of woken mom and dad up. I gave him the "deer in the headlights" like " NOW WHAT?" Shane just laughed and shook his head and said " Don't worry about it. You just go to bed and i'll talk to mom and dad".
What a trooper!

# Two things mom LOVES...Flowers and Angels. her flower gardens are full of angel decor and they are breakable!!! One afternoon Shane and I got very bored! So we got out the golf clubs and decided to tea off the cement. Shane hit one clear over the main road. Then it was my turn. i swung and hit the ball JUST right so that instead of flying straight away from me it hit the corner of the club and darted left of me not 5 inches off the ground. We heard a crash ...ANGEL DOWN...My jaw dropped and Shane busted out laughing. I didn't find it nearly as funny as he did and even through his laughter he managed to say " Mom's angel!. YOU! are is SO much trouble!!!"

# Well The unfortunate angel incident was my doing but the windshield on the old blue pick up was NOT! One day dad kept asking me about the windshield on the pickup apparently part of it was shattered in a perfect circle..much like a basketball.....OR the bottom of a bucket... i kept saying no it wasn't me, I don't know what happend. It evan came down to "Courtney if you did it just tell me" again! " No dad it really wasnt me!" When asked about the windshield Shane said he had no idea what had happend but he did see me playing basketball around there that day...ok REALLY? of us kids i am/was the most athletically challenged one. That should of been the big red flag that it definately was NOT Courtney..well the truth eventually came out. Shane was walking toward the pickup with a bucket in his hand and when he tried to just throw it in the back it fell short...WAY short...landing perfectly on the windshield!

Ive got plenty of stories but you'd be reading for days if i shared all of them!! I miss my brother Dearly and again Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers they are much needed and are greatly appreciated. Shane was always a great big brother and we had so much fun when we were together. He was the most selfless,caring person i know. The last time i spoke to Him We told eachother " I Love you" before we hung up the phone. It always went without saying how much we loved eachother but how great that we happend to say it to end our last conversation.. It truely is important to tell your loved ones you love them you never know when its the last time you see or hear them. Thanks again! and God Bless you all

Posted by Courtney - mandan, ND - sister   September 10, 2013

I an so sorry to hear about Shane. I worked With Shane in Bismarck before and when he and Ann were married and I have always thought of him as a friend. I remember one day at work I heard him whistling the opening song to "Robin Hood"(the Disney cartoon)and I immediatly recognized it and told him that I thought that was the best Robin Hood movie ever made. That started a friendship that grew throughout the time that I had worked with him. He had strong family values and had told me his family always came before anything else. My heart sank low when I read in the paper of his passing. I will always remember his positive view on life and his strong family values. There is not one day that goes by since I learned of the news that I haven't thought of him.
Mr.and Mrs. Bahm--You have raised a wonderful son who made this world a much greater place with his positive attitude and great outlook on life...for that I thank you.
Ann--Shane,you,and his(your)family are in my heart,thoughts and prayers. You will probably never know how many,many,many lives Shane has touched over the years,but I am sure there are many. I am truly grateful to have met Shane and he will always have an impact on my life.
He will be forever missed and never forgotten.

Posted by Brian Johnson - Bismarck, ND - friend   December 12, 2012

We are very sorry for your loss Allen and Joan. We couldn't imagine your sorrow and pain to lose your son. Our gracious prayers are with your family.

Posted by Randal and Adele White Family - Porcupine, ND - Friends   December 10, 2012

Alan-Joan and Family,

I am so sad to hear about your son/brother, Shane. I have never met him but I am sure he was a very special young man knowing the special family he comes from. Thinking of you and lifting your entire family up in prayer. My deepest sympathies during this very difficult time-
Kelly (Schreiner) Turman

Posted by Kelly (Schreiner) Turman - Rapid City, SD   December 09, 2012

Our love and prayers.

Posted by Larry and Caren Barnett - Minot - Friend   December 08, 2012

No words can be expressed for the loss of such a young man. Our prayers are with you all in this very difficult time.

Dionne(Nagel)Smith and family

Posted by Dionne (Nagel) Smith - Mandan, ND   December 08, 2012

You and your family have the deepest condolences from my family on the loss of Shane. Dirk Hausauer

Posted by Dirk Hausauer - Bismarck, ND - Friend of Allan   December 08, 2012

Allen and Joan, I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your son Shane. Please accept my condolences and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you guys and your family.

Posted by Joe Polansky - bismarck, ND - friend   December 08, 2012

Prayers to you Allen and Joan. I enjoyed Shane talent and thoughtfulness in class. Thanks for the opportunity to have known Shane.

Posted by Wayne Friez - Former teacher   December 08, 2012


We were so very sorry to hear the sad news about Shane. Unfortunately, we had never met Shane, but have heard so many wonderful things and what a special person he was. May you have many, many happy and fun memories of Shane to help you through this difficult time. Our hearts go out to you with our sincere sympathy.
Lorrie & George Ternes

Posted by Lorrie & George Ternes    December 08, 2012

Joan, Alan and Family,
Patsy, Virgil and Family,
Our prayers are with you at this difficult time. May friends comfort you, faith uphold you and loving memories bring you peace. With deepest sympathy.

Jim and Bonnie Wingenbach

Posted by Jim and Bonnie Wingenbach - West Fargo, ND   December 07, 2012

Allan , Joan and family. I just wanted express my deep condolensces to you all on the passing of Shane.

Posted by Doug Griffin - Mandan, ND   December 07, 2012


Bama and Joan,
Our sincere condolences to you and your whole family. thinking of you with thoughts and prayers,

Snake and Sharon

Posted by Danny and Sharon Hoskins    December 07, 2012

Very sorry for your loss. God has received a wonderful angel. Thoughts & prayers to all of you.

Kayla (Ternes), Andy, Easton & Kolter Freidt

Posted by Kayla Freidt - Mandan, ND   December 07, 2012

Bahm/Hertz Families.

Thoughts and Prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Ervin and Penny

Posted by Penny Ternes - Shields, ND   December 07, 2012


There are no words. Just know we are there for you and are praying for you all. The Bonogofsky and Doerr family

Posted by Lance and Lori Doerr - great family friends   December 06, 2012

Alan, Joan & family,
Arlene & families
Virgil, Patsy & families,

We wish you peace and ask that Gods Blessing and guidance be with each of you through this journey.

Renee & Ed Kraft

Posted by Renee Kraft - Bismarck, ND - Friends   December 06, 2012


Alan, Joan & family
Virgil, Patsy & families,

You may find that few people can fully understand what you are experiencing during this time. Do what seems right to you and share the strength of each other and those who reach out to you.

We wish you moments of lightness in the midst of the pain. We wish you healing as you learn to survive these days. Most of all, we wish you peace and God's comforting grace.

With understanding,

Roger & Sharon

Posted by Roger & Sharon Ruscheinsky    December 06, 2012


My heart goes out to the Bahm family. Ann Marie, I wish I could wrap my arms around you and take away the pain. I am so very sorry for the loss of your husband, a great man. Take comfort in knowing that he was strong in his Faith, his eternal life has begun and you will meet again someday. Until then, let him continue to live through you and in you.

~Better to have loved and lost, than never loved at all.

Posted by Angie Sheldon - Cousin   December 06, 2012

I feel especially blessed just to have known Shane. Godspeed, my friend.

Posted by Marleen Wells - New Salem, ND - Friend   December 06, 2012

Joan and Allan, so sorry to read of your son's passing. My condolences to you, and all the Hertz and Bahm family members.

Posted by Agnes (Deichert) Vernon - Fargo, ND   December 06, 2012


God bless the Bahm/Hertz family. May younall find comfort.

Posted by Debbie Ternes Will - freind   December 06, 2012

The love of... and for a child...forever held close in our hearts...the heaven filled with our loving angels...and the knowing that one day we will all meet again. I can't imagine any words that can ease the sorrow your family is carrying right now, but know that you all are in our hearts and prayers today and the years to come. If we can help in any way...please call on us.

Posted by Vern, Zoe Henke & Family - Stanton, ND   December 06, 2012

Allan, Joan and family,
So sorry and shocked to here about Shane's death. I've found out in life that you can never take one day for granted when it comes to family and friends, because we never know when god will call for us to come home. So hold on to the memories of the times you shared with Shane and that will help you to get through the days ahead. Take time to grieve and heal. Our deepest sympathy. Colleen Volk

Posted by Randy & Colleen Volk - Shields, ND - friend of the Bahm family   December 06, 2012


Allan, Joan and Family,
Our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to you in the loss of Shane. There are no words to ease the pain, but know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Gina - Cousin   December 06, 2012

Our deepest sympathy in your most unexpected loss. Our prayers are with all of you. Love,

Posted by Vivian & Kenny Shaeffer - N. Apollo, PA - cousin   December 06, 2012

The first thing that stands out to me when I think of Shane is the never ending heart that he had on the field, regaurdless if it was practice or a game. He was the always the one with that, "never quit", "don't give anything less than your absolute best" type of attitude that he used to drive everyone else. Years later, it was plain to see that he carried those values thru every aspect of his life, and still seemed to have an influence on the people around him to give everything they had, whether he knew it or not. Strong character, good ethic, and values that are very hard to find, and Shane seemed to define all three.

Posted by Nate Schmidt - Bismarck, ND - Friend   December 05, 2012

Allen and Joan, our thoughts and prayers are with you in the passing of your son. When we first moved to Carson in 1992, your son, Shane, and our son, Brent became classmates and friends. They shared many things together both in school and out. Your family was so kind to all of us during our stay in Carson. I was fortunate to coach Shane in youth baseball, and will always remember his presence. May our words of sympathy be of comfort to you, and also to Ann.

Peace be with you,

Marlin and Laurel Hanson

Posted by Marlin and Laurel Hanson - Dickinson, ND - Friends   December 05, 2012


I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Bahm. I have so many memories from when Bahm was in college where we shared countless fun nights with friends. Bahm was always there when I need someone to talk to and you could count on him for a smile. Ann we have never met, but I my thoughts and prayers are with you for this difficult time in your life.

Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.


Posted by Natalie (Thompson)Pirtle - Fargo, ND - Friend   December 05, 2012

Ann, Allan and Joan, our deepest condolensces to you. Our prayers and thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Alan & Jeanne Reinke

Posted by Jeanne Reinke - Corvallis, OR - great aunt   December 05, 2012

My sympathies to Shane's family...I played football with him over at MSUM for a bit in 2004, we were in the same recruiting class and never forgot a football player with a last name like his. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

Posted by Riley Rude - Moorhead, MN - Teammate   December 05, 2012

I will forever miss Shane. In high school, the Bahm family became second family to me. Shane was always at our games, so supportive. In the fall of 2004, I remember riding back with him from a football playoff game in Edgely. I remember talking and laughing. I can't remember one time that he wasn't positive and supportive. I know his family and Ann were his world. He will forever be missed. I will never forget you.

Posted by Lacy Schatz - New Leipzig, ND - Friend   December 05, 2012

Shane and I had known each other since first grade. I had moved from Carson after 3rd grade and was fortunate enough to reconnect with Shane and meet his beautiful wife again when my wife and I moved to Fargo in 2009. We played softball together and spent one late night reminiscing while our wives rolled their eyes. Shane hadn't changed a bit and was the same funny, kind, caring guy I met as a child. One of those that truly made everyone around him better. I'll miss you buddy and I hope you will find comfort in friends, family, and memories Ann.

Posted by Brent Hanson - Dickinson, ND - friend   December 05, 2012

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ann. If you need anything I'm just a phone call away.

Posted by Colleen Teske - Fargo, ND - former coworker of Ann   December 05, 2012


I only knew Shane for about half a year. But in just that time he became a great friend to my boyfriend and I. We both miss him so much! It is so sad that God had to take such a great man so early!! He always knew how to make people laugh. We love and miss you so much Shane but we know that you are looking down on us and keeping us all safe!! My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and the whole family!

Posted by Kristie    December 05, 2012

Shane was a young man with a kind heart and a giving spirit. He had such a great sense of humor, he loved entertaining people and making them laugh. He did a great imitation of Bill Cosby and the "Disgruntled Preacher" skit at our annual family reunions. Those were so funny, he made me laugh so hard that I had ABS of STEEL when I finally stopped laughing and caught my breath.
He will always be remembered for bringing JOY into every ones life.
I love you dear cousin. I'm sure you are spreading the laughter and joy in heaven right now. Love you always...Rose

Posted by R Marie Green - Long Beach, CA - 2nd cousin   December 05, 2012