Delmer Ray Wood

  • Born: July 19, 1935
  • Died: January 27, 2013
  • Location: Junction, Texas

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Delmer Ray Wood, 77, passed away January 27, 2013. He is preceded in death by his parents Alvis and Trudie Wood, brother Cecil Wood, and grandson Jason Wood. Survived by his loving wife Elizabeth Shirley Wood, children Vicki Delgado, Diane Woodard, and Randy Wood. Also survived by six grandchildren, six great grandchildren, and siblings, Naomi, Billie, and Johnny.


Condolence & Memory Journal

It is so hard to believe that is has been two years that you went to your Heavenly home.I kept hoping and saying the Drs were wrong and we had a few more months. But God knew you were so tired and He gave you peace and rest that you so deserved.The days and nights are so long but one day I hope all our family can be together and happy and our family chain want be broken anymore.Until then I will go on and know my Angel is always near.Missing and loving you always,Shirley

Posted by Shirley Wood    January 27, 2015

It's been 15 months today since God called you home.I feel like my world has crumbled around me and I don't know how to put it back.When we talked and you worried about what I would do after you were gone.I would tell you,I'm big,I'm strong I will be ok.Well,I'm not.Loniness is hard to live with.I dread the nights and wish for the days to end.I'm still numb and I didn't think I had anymore tears left but they still come so often and easy.You only saw me cry twice.But so many tears you never saw.I tried to bestrong for you.You left too soon.I thought you would have a few more months but God needed you sooner.I have to go on somehow for the kids,grandkids and now 7 great grandkids.When we find pennies and feathers we know an Angel is near and we know you are our Angel....Always missed,remembered and loved so much...Shirley

Posted by Shirley Wood    April 27, 2014


Posted by wood    April 27, 2014

Papa, you are a true soldier of life. I have never seen someone fight so hard to be around for your family. I believe your will alone kept you with us for an extra decade. Impressive. You know being the one kid in the family from CA, who was more about not getting my Jordan's scuffed than I was going out on the bayou to catch what looked like alligators to me, you never looked at me all that differently, (no differently than I deserved to be) and I definitely always felt your love. I takes quite a strong man to put up with all our family has put you through over the years, but you taught a lesson that will hopefully be realized and practiced now that your gone -- Blood is blood, and if we can't put aside differences except eachother for who we are as individuals and EVERY SINGLE PERSON stays together as this family you have fought tooth and nail everyday for years just to stay on this earth for, than what is it we are doing to ensure your name lives on..

You Truly were an exceptional and courageous man, you will be forever remembered, missed, and survived not by stories but a commentment by your family you fought so hard for to live like one - living, breathing, well oiled machine until we all meet again.

See you over yonder! (Still not sure whether that's north, south, east or west, but I'm sure ill know it when I see it! Haha)

Love ya!


Posted by Travis Chimera    April 01, 2013

Woody was a gentle soul that touch my heart in a peaceful way with such kindness and love for others. I will always remember his gentle voice as his spirit lives on in each one his touched.
with love to the family. Clemente Pryor

Posted by Clemente Pryor - Petaluma, CA - Friend   April 01, 2013


Woody, you gave so much to everyone who knew you, and you live on in the smiles, the grace, and the ethics of those whose lives you touched. I know that, because you have influenced our family forever in a profound and positive way. The goodness and sweetness of your soul is being passed down through the generations. Diane is a reflection of you, and Ally of her - your moral compass pointed forever true north, and as a Father and Grandfather that was the greatest gift you could give, and as I sit here with them today, I thank you.

You were the greatest father in law I could have wished for. The times we had with you in Houston, Junction, Florida, Chicago and Wisconsin are priceless. We talk about you every day, and as the years go on we will only miss you more. But I only have to look around me to see you in the hearts and faces of those who you loved, and who love you more than my words could ever say.

God Bless You,


Posted by Alan Woodard - Miramar Beach, FL - Son in law   March 03, 2013


I have always described my Dad as a kind, gentle man with absolute integrity. I have so many fond memories of all the wonderful times growing up and you were always there to make us feel safe. As a child, I always felt I had everything I wanted and needed. I know now as an adult the greatest gifts were what you taught mecompassion, love, kindness, and honesty.
You set the bar high by example.

I now feel there's a hole in my heart and at times an overwhelming, sinking emptiness but I remember all the wonderful memories and know you are always there beside me.

I pray I can be the parent for Ally that you were for me. Thank you for the unconditional love and always being there for me. I was truly blessed because you were my Dad. I will hold your kind, loving spirit in my heart forever. I love you.

Posted by Diane Woodard - Miramar Beach, FL - daughter   March 03, 2013

We know how much you will miss your father. Praises be that he is at home with his heavenly father and will be able to love each of his earthly family from afar.Free from the cares of this physical world, your Dad is now surrounded by the purest of love that we can only imagine.
You who are left behind are in our thoughts and prayers.
Jackie and David

Posted by Jackie Sue and David Johnson - Greenbrae, CA - Friend of Vicki Delgado   February 20, 2013

You made Vicki very happy and were the best Dad ever. You were a true blessing in her life. We will all miss you being there and having that smiling sunshine face. Thanks for all you have done to make this a better world to live in.You are the and always will be the best DAD.

Posted by Katie Necroto - Houston, TX - friend   February 11, 2013


Pop, I have struggled with my selfishness all week. Even though I know where you are and my faith has taught me I will see you again, there are times I still want you here. To say I miss you is an understatement. The loss my heart feels is deeper than I ever knew could be possible. You were such a light in my life and I loved the times you counted on me and would brag about me being your private nurse. Many times I took you to doctor appointments and even waited while you had all of your teeth pulled are memories I will never forget. You were famous in the ER in San Francisco, where staff would say,"Vicki's pop is here today." Together, you and I have been to soccer games, swim meets, watched the Blue Angels, driven over every bridge in the Bay Area, walked thru Muir Woods, shopped in China town, and ate rabbit in Little Italy. Once you cooked chili for the ICU staff where I worked. I have so many happy memories with you. I cherish each one and they are in my heart forever. So, when you look down on me and see my tears, know they are tears of joy for you. You are pain free and at peace with Jesus. My sadness is because I miss you, my pop the first love of my life more than I ever knew could be possible. Thank you Pop. Your daughter who loves you dearly, Vicki

Posted by Vicki Delgado - Houston, TX - Daughter   February 09, 2013


January 27,2013, God called another Angel home. Woody was the best husband, father and grandfather anyone could ever ask for. We shared so much in 52 years but now that seems like such a short time. Through all of our struggles we survived it all. Now, I have to survive so much and I feel so empty inside. My best friend is no longer with me and life is going to be so hard. You fought so long and struggled so hard. I know you are free from pain and happy at last .But my heart is breaking from the loss of you. I pray that you will watch over me and help me to make the right decisions we talked about. Just remember this, I know where you are and I know where to find you....Loving you always and forever Your wife, Shirley/

Posted by ShirleyWood - Junction, TX - wife   February 09, 2013


I will miss you more than words can describe. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without you. Going fishing in Rockport or visiting the World War 2 museum in New Orleans, I always loved spending time with you and always enjoyed it. You were a blessing to so many people and you impacted my life and so many others. I will always miss you but you will always be in my heart and I know you will be watching over me. You can rest peacefully knowing your family is going to be ok and always stick together and look after each other. Enjoy your life up their without the medicine and the stresses of everyday life here on Earth. Heaven is rejoicing because they have just received a true Angel. I know you are fishing and enjoying life and I will cherish the day when I join you. I will always love you more than words can describe and you will always be my PaPa.


P.S. Make sure you leave Mema a bunch of pennies along the way!

Posted by Mathew Delgado - Houston, TX - Grandson   February 07, 2013

I will always remember you Woody, as the best brother-In-law that ever lived. You were always part of our family as well as your own, my kids loved you and Sister like second parents. You have left your mark of kindness on many people, and will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Woody and know that we will meet again someday in a much better place! Love and miss you :Doris Yarbrough

Posted by Doris Yarbrough - Deatsville, AL   February 06, 2013


Delmer, I just want to say that you will be missed by many. I'm proud to have been your sister. Although we didn't get together very often you were always in my heart. I love you very much. To Shirley, I want to thank you for being the loving and devoted wife of my brother. Delmer could have looked the world over and not found a better and more loving wife than you. Thanks again for always being by his side. You married him for better or worse and you stuck by those vows. I love you and will be praying for you to be comforted in knowing he is in a better place and no longer suffering. Vicki, Diane, and Randy, You were his life. Thank you for being the the children deserving of his love. His kids and grandkids were what he lived for. I believe he had a great life and I don't think he would have changed it if he could have. I truely love all of you and hope to have a closer relationship with each one of you in the future. May God bless each of you and may you all find peace in knowing where Delmer is now. RIP Woody. Love to all of you, Aunt Billie

Posted by Billie Tibbs - Baytown, TX - sister   February 06, 2013

Mr. Wood, may you rest in peace.

My deepest sympathy to you and your family, Vicki. Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting your Dad, I know he must have been proud to have a daughter with such a kind, caring and compassionate soul as you.

Love, Roy

Posted by Roy Montgomery - Houston, TX   February 06, 2013

Dear Woody,

Thank you for your service and sacrifice to this great country of ours. Thank you for always making me feel welcomed in your home. Most importantly, thank you for raising and loving the wonderful woman who I now call my mom. She truly is a blessing in my life and I am certain her kind, gentle heart is a reflection of your own. It was an honor to have met you Mr. Wood. God Bless.

Very Respectfully,

LTJG Jonathon Michael Delgado
Explosive Ordnance Disposal, USN

Posted by Jonathon Delgado - Houston, TX - Family Friend   February 05, 2013

Uncle Woody will live on in my heart forever. I can't go fishing without remembering the cooling canals and the red fish that we would catch. I think of you every time I saddle one of my horses, I am reminded of the countless trail rides and play days that Randy and I competed in as kids none of which would have been possible had it not been for you and my Dad. We have lost you and Dad now in body, but your spirit and the memories you have all of us will live on forever.we will all miss you but we know through our trust in god that we will meet again. Rest in peace Unc and know that you will never be forgotten. Love you: Don

Posted by Don Yarbrough - Deatsville, AL   February 04, 2013

I did not get to really know Mr. Wood, But I can say thru his granddaughter Amy, I would have enjoyed his company and friendship. I know the days ahead are going to be hard, rember he lives on thru his family and all his grandchildren and great grandchildren. And he also had avery caring and giving Wife. The lord will caring you in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Kim Smith - Junction, TX - Friend of family   February 03, 2013

Papa i didnt get to see you much but the times i did i loved every minute of it. You were such a wonderful man and an amazing father grandfather and great grandfather. We will miss you so much and we love you! Love , Tori

Posted by Tori - Sulphur, LA   February 03, 2013

(Last line) *Rest in Peace papa, ill see you again soon.

Posted by Amy McDonald (Amy Pie) - Junction, TX   February 03, 2013

I miss you so much already! Its still still so hard to believe you are gone. You were such a big part of my life for all of my 23 years. You were always right there across the street, around the corner, or down the road. I dont think a day went by where i either didnt see or or called and talked to you. You were such a great papa and im goin to miss hearing you call me Amy Pie, or seeing you sneak sweets from mema and tellin me not to tell :) im gunna miss that loud blaring TV, and hearing your gospel music, church services, Bonanza, or Andy Griffith. There wasnt a day that went by that u didnt make me laugh an tellin me i couldnt hug you when u had your medicine rubbed on your chest cuz you said id grow a beard haha. There are just so many great memories i will cherish in my heart forever. You were definitely one of a kind and i was lucky enough to have you in my life and call you my Papa. Weston and Wyatt are goin to miss you, but im so thankful they got to know such a great man, i knew you adored them both just like they did you. I love you papa and will miss you forever til we meet again. Watch over mema up there and keep leaving her those pennies <3 rest again see my you in peace soon papa>
Love, Amy Pie

Posted by Amy McDonald (Amy Pie) - Junction, TX   February 03, 2013

Papa you brung life to the family and held things together with yor smile I know that's your family will miss u dearly as well as I will. You will be missed and always loved.

Posted by Preston - Junction, TX   February 03, 2013



I will always remember our late night talks when you came to visit us in CA, I truly enjoyed listening to your stories when you were a young man. You will be missed by many of us.

May your soul rest in peace!

Posted by Michael Delgado - Houston, TX - Father in Law   February 03, 2013



I already miss you so much but I know you are in heaven watching over me. I will never forget all of the fun times with you.
Don't worry about MeMa we will take care of her.

I Love You, Ally

Posted by Ally Woodard - Miramar Beach, FL - Granddaughter   February 02, 2013


May the Lord give you the peace and strength during this time of saddness. We know that Delmer is in heaven with our heavenly Father. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and family.

Posted by Cynthia R.LaBernz - Kingwood, TX - Friend   January 31, 2013


Uncle Woody, you will be greatly missed by all. You were a good man and took care of many people in your lifetime, it did not go unnoticed. Aunt Shirl loves you very much, and we will work together to take care of her and watch over her.
I know that Vicki, Diane and Randy will also miss you, you were a great dad to them. Ray Ray, papaw loves You!!

My prayers and thoughts are with you and the family. Lynne Jaynes

Posted by lynne jaynes - CHannleview, TX - cousin, niece by marriage (   January 30, 2013